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Congressman Adam Schiff Endorses Efren Martinez


Congressman Robert Garcia Endorses Efren Martinez for California State Assembly District 5


L.A. County Board of Supervisors, Chair Janice Hahn, Stands with Efren Martinez


LGBTQ+ Leader and Local Mayors Stand United with Efren Martinez


Association of California School Administrators Endorse Efren Martinez


Assemblymember Mike Gipson Officially Giving His Nod of Approval To Efren Martinez


The Association of Probation Supervisors Seiu 721, Bu 702, Endorses Efren Martinez


Efren Martinez Receives Coveted Endorsement from Avance Los Angeles Democratic Club


Efren Martinez Dominates With 83% of the CA Dem Party Pre-Endorsement


Women Leading Change Democratic Party Club Endorses Efren Martinez for Assembly


Longshoremen - ILWU Local 13 Endorses Efren Martinez for Assembly


Autumn Burke Endorses Efren Martinez for Assembly


South Central L.A. Democratic Party Club Endorses Efren Martinez for State Assembly


Efren Martinez, Clear Frontrunner Raises Over $300k Two Times More Than All Candidates, Leaping Far Ahead


Senator Susan Rubio Stands with Efren Martinez, Amplifying Voices of South Central Los Angeles


Game-Changing Endorsement from David Vela, President of Los Angeles Community College District Board


Efren Martinez Gains Crucial Endorsement from Assemblywoman Esmeralda Soria, Member of the Mental Health Accessibility Committee


Efren Martinez Receives Endorsement from Senator Melissa Hurtado, Bolstering His Path to the Primary


LAUSD Board Member Kelly Gonez Stands United with Efren Martinez


100% of AD57 Democratic Party Elected Delegates Endorse Efren Martinez for Assembly


Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio Stands with Efren Martinez


Immigrant Rights Warrior Assemblymember Juan Carrillo Endorses Efren Martinez


Efren Martinez Earns Endorsement from Assemblywoman Blanca Pacheco


Over 20 Mayors and City Councilmembers Stand United with Efren Martinez

About the 57th Assembly District

District 57 spans from Southwest downtown Los Angeles to the 110 corridor of South Central Los Angeles and the southern area near the 105 freeway. 90% of this district falls within the City of Los Angeles and also includes the unincorporated community of Florence-Graham. With approximately 500,000 residents, it is home to around 213,000 registered voters.


Over time, the district has transformed into a predominantly Latino majority district, with a population that is 78% Latino. Among the Latino population, the voting community accounts for 57%. If elected, Efren Martinez would be the first ever Latino to represent this community. This district primarily consists of working-class households and immigrants, with over 70% earning less than $50,000 per year, and is overwhelmingly Democrat.

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