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A Better Life for South LA

Efren Martinez is running for State Assembly to give back to the community that raised him. 

Efren Growing Up in South L.A. 

Efren and his younger sister were raised by their mother Francisca, a former farmworker who later moved to LA to work in local factories. Their father, Efren Sr., was a gas pump attendant and later a truck driver. Both parents struggled to find better paying jobs. The family struggled with poverty, homelessness and hunger. When their parents split up, both parents struggled to maintain a home. Efren’s family often slept in the living rooms and garages of friends and family, and temporary housing.

During these times South Central LA was experiencing growing gang violence, crime, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Like many others, Efren strayed down the wrong path. But he turned his life around.

Efren used the pain and suffering of tough times to fuel his desire to make things better for himself, his family and his community.

After several run-ins with the law, it was Efren’s math teacher that helped him turn his life around. With Mr. Quintana’s help, Efren was able to graduate from high school and begin to turn his life around. He worked as an auto parts delivery driver, a salesman, and as an outreach specialist until he decided to fight for a better life.


Decorated US Marine Veteran

Efren enlisted in the US Marine Corps, where he served for ten (10) years, earning numerous commendations such as the Presidential Citation and 12 Military/Combat related service medals, ribbons, and awards.

Following his military service, Efren pursued Business studies through the Navy College University Program.

Recognizing the imperative of enhancing economic opportunities in South LA, Efren assumed the role of Executive Director at a local small business non-profit. Consequently, alongside a childhood friend, he founded a small transportation business dedicated to assisting seniors, as well as individuals with disabilities, in accessing medical appointments and running local errands. Through persistent efforts, the company has prospered, providing valuable services to residents and delivering well-paying jobs with accompanying benefits.

Father and Community Leaders

Too many of our youth face many of the same challenges of poverty, crime, gang violence and drug addiction that has decimated South Central Los Angeles.

While others have moved out of South LA, Efren stayed to help improve the community. He wants to build a brighter future for today’s South LA youth. 

Efren is motivated to build a better life for South LA residents by improving local public schools, creating and bringing in well paying jobs, and making living in our beloved South LA safer and more affordable. Efren and his daughter live by Florence and Central Avenue in South LA where they are active in local neighborhood issues and helping others in need.

Efren has served as Chair for Economic Development Committees for the Second Supervisorial District and has served on Boards of several local organizations including the Los Angeles Unified School District Review Committees, American Cancer Association, Salvation Army, YMCA, Kiwanis Club, The Florence-Firestone Community Leaders, and various economic development and public safety committees.

After a long flight from Europe, I woke up at around 3am local time and searched for what

Efren dreams of one day ending poverty in South Central LA.

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