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Prosperity for South L.A.

Creating Sustainable Jobs and Economic Opportunities

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I am deeply committed to addressing the economic challenges facing our community. My platform, "Prosperity for South LA," outlines a comprehensive jobs program aimed at creating sustainable employment opportunities, fostering local entrepreneurship, recruiting large businesses to relocate to South LA, job training and placement, and support for local small businesses.

Workforce Training and Skill Development

  • Collaborate with local high schools,  trade schools, community colleges, and vocational training centers to offer relevant certifications and job placement assistance.


Local Hiring Initiatives

  • Advocate for policies that incentivize local businesses to prioritize hiring from within the community, creating a stronger connection between job opportunities and residents.

  • Work with employers to establish partnerships that offer apprenticeships, internships, and job opportunities to South LA residents.


Small Business Support

  • Prioritize local small businesses for government procurement.

  • Provide low-interest loans and grants to support local startups and small businesses to South LA residents, stimulating economic growth and creating jobs.

  • Clean up local streets, alleys, and improve public safety.


Arts and Creative Industries

  • Invest in the recruitment of local arts and creative industries as a means of generating jobs and cultural enrichment in the community.

  • Support local artists, musicians, and performers by creating spaces and events that showcase their talents and contribute to the local economy.


Infrastructure and Public Works Projects

  • Advocate for public works projects that address critical infrastructure needs in South LA, creating jobs while improving the community's overall quality of life.


Community Partnerships

  • Collaborate with community organizations, nonprofits, and local institutions to create job placement centers, job fairs, and career counseling services.

  • Establish partnerships with larger companies to facilitate job training and placement programs tailored to the needs of South LA residents.


Recruit employers to South LA

  • The Untapped Potential: South Los Angeles is brimming with untapped potential. We have a young, diverse, and dynamic workforce eager to contribute to the growth of businesses. Our strategic location in LA provides access to a vast market and fantastic infrastructure.

  • Fantastic Infrastructure: South LA is the meeting point for the LA Harbor, International Airport, and the best freeway system in the nation. We have great weather, fantastic work ethic, and willing and more than able workers from diverse backgrounds, skills, and education.

After a long flight from Europe, I woke up at around 3am local time and searched for what

"Prosperity for South LA" is a commitment to revitalizing our community's economy and creating a brighter future for all residents. By implementing these comprehensive strategies, we can empower individuals, strengthen businesses, and uplift our community through meaningful job opportunities.

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