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Empowering South L.A.

A Transformative Education Platform for a Brighter Future

My platform, “Empowering South LA,” outlines a comprehensive approach to education that focuses on equity, innovation, and community collaboration. By investing in our schools and supporting our educators, we can ensure that every student in South LA has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Equitable Funding and Resources

  • Advocate for increased state and local funding to ensure that schools in South LA receive the resources they need to provide a well-rounded education.


Holistic Education and Enrichment Programs

  • Expand access to art, music, physical education, and extracurricular activities that promote well-rounded development and creativity among students.

  • Collaborate with local community organizations to provide after-school programs, and academic support.


Technology Integration and Digital Literacy

  • Ensure that students have access to modern technology and digital resources, promoting digital literacy and preparing them for success in a technology-driven world.

  • More opportunities for our students to pursue well-paying careers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.


Parent and Community Engagement

  • Establish regular town hall meetings and parent-teacher associations to foster open communication between schools, families, and the community.


College and Career Readiness

  • Expand college and career counseling services to help students explore post-secondary education options and career pathways not only in schools but within our community.

  • Expand University of California and Cal State student enrollment without raising tuition.


Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments

  • Ensure that schools are safe, welcoming, and inclusive spaces for all students, regardless of their background or identity with anti-bullying and anti-discrimination programs and support.


Quality Teachers and Professional Development

  • Support initiatives that attract and retain talented educators to South LA schools, including competitive salaries and investment in ongoing professional development for teachers.

  • Promote innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, and research initiatives that adapt to the evolving needs of students and prepare them for future challenges.

After a long flight from Europe, I woke up at around 3am local time and searched for what

Empowering South LA” is not just a platform—it’s a commitment to providing a world-class education to the students of our community. By working together to prioritize equity, innovation, and collaboration, we can ensure that every student in South Central LA has the tools and opportunities they need to succeed academically and beyond. Together, we can build a brighter future for our children and empower them to reach their dreams.

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