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Efren is Focused On Helping South Los Angeles


My top priorities are education, the economy, and quality of life. 


Here's my plan: Let's boost academic success by increasing graduation rates and college enrollment in our district. When it comes to the economy, my goal is simple - more well-paying jobs, higher wages, and a thriving community of small businesses.


But that's not all. Safety matters, too. We need to reduce crime and violence so our parks and communities in South LA are safe for children and families.


I will also work to address inflation which has hurt South LA, big time. I'll be laser-focused on lowering the cost of living. That means reducing the prices of essentials like fuel, food, and utilities.


Together, let's make South LA an even better place to live, work, and thrive!


For more details and information please review our detailed policy platform below.


Thank you.

Public Safety

"Residents of South LA deserve to be able to enjoy our beautiful weather, fantastic parks, and walkable community without fear of crime or violence."
Efren Martinez

Efren’s Platform for a “Safe and Thriving Los Angeles” outlines a comprehensive approach to address the issue of crime in our city.  

  • Community Policing and Building Trust

  • Preventive Programs for Youth

  • Restorative Justice Programs

  • Gun Violence Prevention

  • Crime Hotspot Targeting

  • Mental Health and Crisis Intervention

  • Technology and Innovation

Economic Development

"No hardworking Californian should have to toil
40 hours a week just to scra
pe by."
Efren Martinez

Efren’s Platform for "Prosperity for South LA" outlines a comprehensive jobs program aimed at creating sustainable employment and business opportunities.

  • Workforce Training and Skill Development

  • Local Hiring Initiatives

  • Small Business Support

  • Arts and Creative Industries

  • Infrastructure and Public Works Projects

  • Community Partnerships

  • Recruit employers to South LA


"By investing in our schools and supporting our educators, we can ensure that every student in South Central LA has the opportunity to reach their full potential."
Efren Martinez

Efren’s Platform for “Empowering South LA” outlines a comprehensive approach to education that focuses on equity, innovation, and community collaboration.  

  • Equitable Funding and Resources

  • Holistic Education and Enrichment Programs

  • Technology Integration and Digital Literacy

  • Parent and Community Engagement

  • College and Career Readiness

  • Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments

  • Quality Teachers and Professional Development


Together, let's make South LA an even better place to live, work, and thrive!

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