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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Vote for Efren Martinez

for State Assembly

Meet Efren Martinez

Efren Martinez was born and raised in South LA. He attended local schools, and like many others, Efren’s family experienced poverty, crime, violence, and homelessness.  Efren’s mother Francisca was a farmworker before moving to South LA. Efren’s father, Efren Sr was a truck driver.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Efren’s family struggled consistently with poverty and homelessness. Efren’s youth was largely spent sleeping on the living room couches of friends and family, and even garages and temporary housing. These experiences had a great impact on Efren.

Yet, even through tough economic times, Efren’s family taught him the values of hard work, family, community, and service to others. With the help of a local teacher, Efren avoided the pitfalls of crime and violence in South LA and eventually graduated from high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps where he served with honor for 10 years. 

Efren attended college and soon after, he took a job at a local non-profit and became a valuable small business resource for South LA. He now provides dozens of good jobs and essential services to the community. Efren is a lifelong Democrat, loving father, small business owner, and community advocate.

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Efren Martinez is running for State Assembly to improve our local schools, create better paying jobs in South LA, to reduce crime and violence, and to make South LA more affordable.


Standing with Efren


Janice Hahn
LA County Board of Supervisor


Mike Gipson
State Assemblymember


Kelly Gonez
School Board Member, LAUSD


The Latest

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A Better Life for South LA

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